We start to feel the consequences of climate change, the dramatic decrease of insect populations and the degrading of fertile soil, just to name a few of the dislocating developments. The result of humans’ failing stewardship of the planet. Our way of life is well beyond the expiration date.

We are used to eat food from every corner of the world, while we harm ecosystems and indigenous communities. We are used to wear clothes made in countries with miserable labour conditions. We are used to buy electronic devices made of parts from conflict areas. We are used to fly all over the world. We are used to consume it all and plenty. We are used to be ignorant.

And now, when evidence mounts that this consumerism pushes our climate, ecosystems and societies to the cliff edge, we are confronted with one big question: do we ignore the signs or do we radically change the way we live?

I believe we have no choice if we wish ourselves, our children and the generations to come a prosperous future.

Step by step I am switching my mind and behaviour into the eco-modus. I buy less things, eat like a sort of vegetarian and nurture myself with nuts, fruits and vegetables. I do more physical activities and sleep the oh-so-important 8 hours per day. Embracing these basic, natural principles and integrate them into everyday life is for me the key to a more sustainable and less-demanding life. The photographs and stories I share are part of that journey.

The near future of me and my family is to be dominated by starting our life on a rough piece of drained land, called Oosterwold. Once a river delta home to tribes hunting and gathering food. Now a thick, fertile layer of clay, home to individuals rebuilding a nature-inclusive community. We will cultivate the land based on permaculture, grow our own food and bring our ‘waste’ back into the natural cycle. The chain of production and consumption will be shorter and more transparant. Better for us, our neighbours and the environment. It’s going to be an inspiring journey!

Stephan Kassels